Dobby participates in charity events in the greater Puget Sound region, that’s Seattle! He doesn’t really travel to the events, but “Dobby Visits” are offered as auction items through other non-profit fundraising events. The going rate for a Dobby Visit is $100, and Stacy’s Funny Farm suggests that $25 be donated back to us. Generally, two or three visits are auctioned off at each event, but if there is interest, as many as five visits have been sold! Auction winners receive a plush capybara toy and contact information, and we are very flexible about the timing of the visits.


Would you like to see a Doofus Dance?

Please note that Dobby is a big, clumsy, rambunctious animal, and that direct contact with young children may not be possible. We do have a nice safe indoor viewing area where everyone can see him up close! Younger children enjoy feeding the guinea pigs, ducks, and chickens.

Individuals who would like to visit Stacy’s Funny Farm may also request a visit.


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