Stacy’s Funny Farm is kind of accepting visitors! Dobby is no longer with us, of course, and Charlie has moved on, but Charlotte is in training! Wee Charlotte is a baby Shetland Sheep, like her Uncle Hamish. She also seems to be part kangaroo, so we have adjusted the fencing and turned her loose. She’s smart and curious and funny but we want her to be that way inside the fences, not down the street.

Uncle Hamish & Wee Charlotte

The front yard is open, Hamish comes out with me most days, but visitors must stay on the street side of the fence. We don’t advertise our address, making it even more challenging. Sanctuaries tend to attract gift boxes of kittens, and you may have noticed the cameras and threatening signs at your local shelter. We can’t do that here, so we keep our location private.

We have become a popular destination for local families. Sheep visiting hours are posted on the Little Free Library. We plan to post News for the Neighborhood on this website to update the neighbors about our behind the scenes activities.

If you are in the 98155 zipcode area and are interested in a visit, please fill out the form and I’ll let you know where we are and verify that we are available. “Visitor” hours are roughly the two hours before dusk at this writing. That’s early in winter, but we lolligag in summer, so you can find us out front after 4:00 in summer and until late on nice summer days. Hours are posted.

See you soon!


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