Welcome to Georgia Dee’s Gift Shop!

We have scads of earrings this season! One-of-a-kind creations from old Venice glass, African trade beads, and lampwork glass, plus assorted oddball items from the shoebox in the closet. I made up these prices, and so can you. Make me an offer! I’ll work with you on shipping, too.

Now featuring SuperCapy plush capybaras! Melanie Typaldos, President of the ROUS Foundation, designed these capybara toys in honor of her famous pet capybara, Gari. I have a stash of them to sell here. (They make great packing material for the tiles and jewelry, too.)


About the size of a newborn baby capybara. Note the pencil for scale.

SuperCapy plush is $10, including $5 going to the ROUS Foundation. Shipping is additional, but these little guys weigh next to nothing and can ship in a sturdy plastic bag mailer. I will look up and tell you the additional shipping cost before you sign on the dotted line. Email me and I’ll send you a paypal invoice.


He’s naked! The SuperCapy cape is removable.

Ceramic tile coasters feature capybara footprint and iridescent coppery raku glaze. The exposed clay exhibits the smoky color indicative of the raku firing process. Each tile measures approximately 3-3/4″ x 3-3/4″ (9.5 x 9.5 cm) and has a cork backing. The depth of the iridescence is impossible to photograph, kind of like an oil slick on a mud puddle, but better because the capybara who just walked out of it left footprints in the mud! The footprint is from Caplin Rous, the World’s Most Famous Capybara, and Dobby’s late big brother. The tiles were designed, created, and donated to Stacy’s Funny Farm by Francine (Hibiscus) Rossi. Thank you, Francine!

Most tiles are square, there are some octagons, some  smaller squares, and a wee tiny tile, too. When you order, we will discuss what I have available. I can send photos of your tiles before you pay, and a photo of your actual tiles will accompany your invoice. Update: Only four coasters available!

$20 each, $15 each for 3 or more tiles, $15 for the little one, plus shipping (small flat rate box). All proceeds benefit Stacy’s Funny Farm.


Genuine capybara footprint coasters really work! Sorry, martini glass charm not available.


Capybara Footprint Coaster – no two alike

They are all iridescent, depending upon how the light hits them! There is some variation in size and shape. Please scroll to end of gallery for available items.

Fancy glass necklace with silver capybara charm – $100

Fancy glass necklace with silver capybara charm – detail


Carnelian and shell necklace with bronze capybara charm – $100

Carnelian and shell necklace with bronze capybara charm – detail


Bronze and coral necklace with bronze capybara charm – $100

Bronze and coral necklace with bronze capybara charm – detail


Agate necklace with silver capybara charm – detail

Lapis, coral, and turquoise necklace with silver capybara charm – $100

Lapis, coral, and turquoise necklace with silver capybara charm – detail


Amethyst necklace with silver capybara charm – $100

Amethyst necklace with silver capybara charm – detail

Bronze capybara earrings – $85

Bronze capybara earring, bronze and coral

How to order

It’s kind of like a garage sale, except that it’s mostly jewelry. Combine several items and make me an offer. Please email me (see the sidebar) to describe the item you are interested in so I can make sure it is still available, figure your shipping, and send you an invoice. Feel free to ask for additional photos, size information, etc. Alternately, you can use the comment form below to contact me. (Mark your comment “Personal” and I won’t post it.) I guess it really is like a garage sale, because it isn’t a fancy automated e-store. It’s just you and me, looking at this stuff, asking questions and mulling it over, no obligation to buy. Seriously, if you have questions, just ask.

The prices I have listed are recommended minimum donations. (Except for the capybara charms, which are priced so that I don’t LOSE money.) My Mother’s items often included a price tag, thankfully. However, there were just as often two prices, so I assume the lower price was her wholesale cost. My tags are the white tags with pencilled prices. They are priced well below Georgia Dee’s wholesale cost. There are some beautiful items priced at a ridiculous discount. Because I don’t feel comfortable selling jewelry at Georgia Dee’s marked prices, I am offering these items as compensation for your donation. The amount of your contribution that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of money contributed by the donor over the value of goods or services provided by Stacy’s Funny Farm. We’re talking about the value of these items if they were to sit in a shoebox in my closet for the next ten years. Not worth much to anyone stuck way back in there.

I take Paypal. I also take major credit cards, or I can set you up to send a free direct payment to the Stacy’s Funny Farm bank. Sorry, no gift wrap, no fancy wrapping. Don’t even ask about the ring box in the photos. Your item will probably arrive stuffed in recycled packaging. Looks like I can use the small flat rate USPS box- so figure just over $7 shipping in the US. If you aren’t in a hurry and want to save on shipping, I can pack it up in something, weigh it, and we can see if that saves you anything. $3.50 is about the lowest possible cost for domestic shipping via USPS. I’ll combine shipping when possible.

Capybara Charms

I had a local artist cast me up some capybara charms. These are exclusive to the Funny Farm Gift Shop- you won’t find them anywhere else. There are two charms: sitting and standing, in both silver and bronze. They are priced just above my wholesale cost so I don’t lose money on them!

Who was Georgia Dee?

My Mother, Georgia Dee, bought jewelry at wholesale prices so that she could sell to her friends with a minimal mark-up. Items that didn’t sell right away seem to have gotten a 100% markup, still below normal retail. She bought a lot of antique items as they began to be available from China. I inherited half of her inventory about 15 years ago, and I am keeping more of it than is reasonable or even sane. If you like something, but not quite, please let me know and I’ll see if I have something in my personal collection you might like better. I think she would be happy to know it was being worn and enjoyed instead of languishing in a sock in the back of my closet. I’m also certain she would be glad that 100% of the proceeds supports my non-profit pet sanctuary.

What about this other stuff?

I also make jewelry, so I’ll be making up some earrings and inexpensive items. I just have a lot of- how do I describe it- DECORATIVE ITEMS. That makes my Salt and Pepper collection sound fancy, doesn’t it? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ask me about the ashtrays. I’ll be slipping in little gems as I come across them. And by all means, if you are in the market for something – ANYTHING – I probably have it. Just ask.


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