Daily Drama 106 Birthday Party No. 3

Daily Drama 106 Birthday Party No. 3

Charlie & Hamish, our two amazing Shetland Sheep, had a fabulous birthday this year. They were spoiled rotten with attention all day long and now they expect every day to be a thrilling, action-packed adventure.

Never mind that their birthdays are two days apart. They are not technically brothers but they were raised by both moms in the same pen, so they think they are brothers. Never mind that the day we are documenting was a full week past either birthday, due to unexpected fence construction (neighbors behind us) that left us quite exposed, not to mention anxious. That’s a story for another day. (When I tell that one, this link will go live.) Today I am writing about Party Day!

The first exciting event was an Aviary Invasion. They aren’t allowed in there any more because they make a mad dash to the chicken food and gobble down enough to make them sick before I can move the food bin up out of reach. It’s a fun game for them, not so much for me. Because it is forbidden territory, they have to sneak up and ram past me as I open the gate. I’m usually wary, but they watch carefully as I approach the gate. “Is she carrying stuff, is she preoccupied in any way? Are we going to go for it?” Party day on my mind, it was a piece of cake for them to jostle past me.

The second event followed closely on the first. Visitors usually come to the front gate in the late afternoon, but on Party Day, guests joined us in the back yard. Only extra-special people visit the sheep in the back yard because, being sheep, anything different is scary. So good buddies Briana and Emi brought crackers to the back yard, kicking off the day’s festivities. Charlie likes to do tricks because he loves attention almost as much as he loves saltines. Hamish is aloof.

In the front yard, we had about twenty human visitors, a couple dogs, and some baby rabbits! I was too busy to take photos, but we provided snacks for everyone, gave away sheep kits, and the big hit of the day: free goose eggs! Charlie & Hamish ate so many crackers they forgot to chase the bunnies! 

The following day, they constantly begged for crackers. They were so eager to go to the front yard I just stood aside and let them go for it. No way I was going to be near them when they discovered the event tent, the visitors, the endless saltines had been a one day miracle. Like a couple five year old kids, they were ruined and it was days before they gave up the begging! So tell me, am I expected to throw a birthday party for the baby bunnies next year?




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