Norman’s Nonsense 25 – Mayhem

Norman’s Nonsense 25 – Mayhem

I used to know what was going on around here, but lately, mayhem prevails.

First, there was the new fence. The Farm Manager will have to explain that one. Then Charlie & Hamish had a birthday party and Charlie decided that he should be able to eat crackers all the time, without even doing tricks to earn them. Then they got sheared. That always causes a ruckus because sheep are serious about the pecking order. Maybe I should say that Charlie is serious about it. Hamish is lots bigger and doesn’t care that much about hierarchy. As the dominant one, he made his case years ago and won. It’s Number Two that picks the fights, at least around here.

Brown Chicken examines Charlie’s wool, ready to be skirted. That’s a polite way of saying “pick the doody bits out of it.”

Usually they bicker a bit after shearing. Last year Charlie spent a couple nights in here with us, sleeping on the floor of the barn like an old hen. This year he was cranky for about a week and then he went bonkers. He kept fighting with Hamish and he even picked fights with the Farm Manager! She stopped going through the back yard to feed us, coming through the front gate. The sheep stopped going to the front yard. Then Charlie disappeared.

Mr. Charlie looks in at the flock.

Hamish was sad but the Farm Manager hung out with him all day long. She brought him in here to help feed the flock. He’s well behaved when he’s in with us, and hardly eats any chicken food at all. Mostly he eats the shrubs. She started taking him out to the front yard, but I think she forgot about Garden Party because that doesn’t happen any more. Maybe because it has been crazy raining. She’s been building an ark or something over by the sheep pen. I can’t see it from here.

Hamish and this other small sheep eat roses together. She’s kind of a crybaby.

Okay, I took a little break and tested some lettuce, but now things are even more crazy! There is a little banshee running around the back yard! She bleated MAaa MAaa MAaa as she chased Hamish and suddenly the Farm Manager opened up the gate and Hamish came back in with us. He’s all like, “What the heck is that? She’s calling for her mommy, thinks I’m her dad, and that can’t be right!” True that, Hamish’s girlfriend is a duck named Bev, and that screaming meemie doesn’t look like either of them.

Hamish and Wee Charlotte, doing a sniff-down.

I’m so confused I don’t know what to say. The Farm Manager hasn’t written anything about any of this, and TBH, that’s where I get a lot of my information. My advice to you is: stay tuned!

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