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Luna Dovegood


There is a new bird in the kitchen!


The green cage on the far right is the newest addition to The Peanut Gallery

Dobby saw her immediately. She is in his territory and he disapproves.


“Nobody asked ME!”

Luna’s family is moving, but she is handicapped and the other birds started to pick on her, so she came to live at The Funny Farm.


She has started to exercise her wings in her new cage.

Luna can’t fly, and her beak needs periodic trimming, but she can hop up to her perches. My dove Pirate (dark red cage to the left) can fly, but she can’t walk. We’re hoping they will become friends. If they want to share a cage, I’ll get a bigger cage for them.


“If I close my eyes and wish really, really hard, maybe she’ll disappear. Why do we need more birds around here?”

In the evening, after “everyone” is through going in and out of the kitchen door, the bird cage doors open and they come out to play. Luna and Pirate will alternate evenings until I am certain they will get along.


Luna can hop up to those perches just fine.

She’s a friendly bird, and loves popcorn! She likes the mirrors I have given her, and coos to them.


Luna is quite sociable.

We don’t know why her beak grows this way, but I’ll have to keep it trimmed.


I’ve had to trim beaks on a couple quail, and a hen, too.

She seems a little lonely for her old family, but her new flock is noisy and happy and hard to ignore.


Popcorn, please!

I think she’ll be a fun addition to The Funny Farm!