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Bread is Bad for Ducks | Ducks and Clucks


It is always a bad idea to feed bread to ducks. It is especially bad to feed bread to ducks during hot weather, when it quickly spoils in the water. In Utah, there is currently a serious problem with avian botulism. It isn’t caused by bread, but it is a very bad time to add rotting bread to a serious water quality problem. Even after this news report, the park department said they are not going to clean up until “right before 4th of July.” The whole country seems to be experiencing hot weather and low water levels, so this isn’t just a Utah problem.

Ducks and Clucks posted a good article (a while back- she is always ahead of the crowd) about the down side of feeding bread to ducks. Wild bird seed is inexpensive, readily available, more nutritious, and just as fun to feed to your local duck friends.

Bread is Bad for Ducks | Ducks and Clucks.