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Daily Drama 43

Daily Drama 43

Hi. My name is Dobby and I’m writing today’s blog post.

We had some serious rain today, and a waterfall magically appeared in the aviary, coming from the neighbor’s back yard. It oozed across my back yard, pooled up by my bathroom, and flushed itself away. Whoosh! Just like that.

The water came and then it went away.


The harness stuck on the picket and broke both of them.

We had another exciting event recently: I broke my harness, and broke a fence, too! Super-Capybara! My super-power seems to be wrecking things.


The blue plastic buckle broke, and the picket welds failed.

My harness caught on the picket and I was running so fast I just broke the welds on the fence! I’m not sure why people think we are slow, lumbering animals. We are SWIFT! And CLUMSY! Not a very good combination.


Grover, from The Seattle Alley Cat Project

This is Grover, and we thought he was sick, but he isn’t now. We all have our ups and downs.


Kitty Hawk, also from the Seattle Alley Cat Project. They are both FIV+ barn cats.

Kitty Hawk is just a downer. He wants to be held and petted CONSTANTLY, and that, of course, takes attention away from ME. Enough said.


RIP sweet Madonna. We miss you every day.

My hens, on the other hand, share their birdseed with me. I’m a little sad about that yellow one, Madonna. She isn’t here any more.



Time to go to the front yard. Watch that birdseed for me, okay? Don’t let the chickens eat all of it.


Mmmm good, chicken food.

There is a snack bar on the way to the front yard, if you go the long way ’round.


Okay, fine, I’m full of bird food right now anyway.

I’m stalling a little bit because we have to use the old standby harness. It doesn’t smell right.


Smells like some young punk.

I just have to mark a few things, I’ll be right with you.


You’re not in any hurry are you?

Really? I have to wear this one? Why can’t you fix the old smelly one?



The main reason why we go to the front yard is so that I can eat grass and bamboo. I’ve kind of worked it so that I get an extra corn, but I have to do tricks to get it.

Sometimes I even have to do an extra trick. I have to stand on this black plastic thing.


Why is it so small and slippery?

It tells me whether or not I’m big and fat. I am 130, give or take 5 or 10. I’m a bouncy guy.


Capybaras are not built for going downhill.

Time to go eat bamboo! See you later.

( . . . alligator)

Dobby’s Drama


Dobby seems to create his own drama. He is a real baby about his harness, and can’t handle it at all when his leg gets through the wrong hole. This happens fairly regularly, always with the same result: like a wounded animal he skulks off to his home territory — the back yard — always looking over his shoulder for predators.

I’m a little embarrassed about this, actually.

Head on over to Dobby’s website to see the video!
Dobby’s Drama.

Daily Drama 7


Prince Dobalob had a frightening experience in the front yard yesterday! I wish I had photos, but he was out of sight from my seat at the front door. If you will, please imagine the video where he gets frightened by “something.” Then, please imagine a photo of Dobby straggling up the front steps, limping and dragging his front right leg, wobbly and unstable as he reaches the top of the steps, making a sharp left turn without stopping to annoy me.

2014-07-30 17.22.18_w

I was sitting at this table.

When I realized that he was not reacting from a recently ingested toxin, nor was he bleeding anywhere, I grabbed my phone to take some photos. If you examine the first photo, you can see that he was suffering from a Harness Malfunction. Now, imagine, if you will, because my phone failed to take several carefully composed photos and a video, imagine a photo of The Prince, parked by the front door in misery. “NOW will you let me in through the front door? Clearly I cannot possibly make it back down the steps in this condition.”

2014-07-30 17.25.31_w


Look at that, will you? I managed to remove and replace his harness, right there at the front door.

2014-07-30 17.26.28_w

“I still don’t think I can make it down those steps. I have been recently maimed.”

No, I didn’t attempt to film a video during the actual “Putting On of the Harness.” It took several attempts before he gave in and let me put it back on.

2014-07-30 17.26.39_w

“I still think I should go in through this door. It’s SO far to walk all the way around the house.”

The question remains: what happened out there that caused him to pull his leg out of the harness?