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Daily Drama 12

Daily Drama 12

You’ll be happy to hear I did NOT stop to take a photo of yesterday’s first event. Dobby’s swimming pool pump has two filters, one in the pool and one just in front of the pump. The one by the pump has a clear plastic dome and I was surprised a couple days ago to see an orange flash in there, but decided it was a reflection off my shirt. I clean that filter out only occasionally because the entire pool tries to empty out through that opening when you pull the filter basket out. Fortunately, I decided to clean it out yesterday and, yup, there was a fish in there! I quickly tossed him into the pool (no photo!) but he was in there while the pump was on for 4 hours the night before, spinning like a top! This morning there were three dummies in the POOL filter basket. I’ve never had even one in there before. Must be the season when goldfish migrate.

2014-08-06 10.57.27_w

Darwin Award Candidates?

There is a Turtle Story coming but it is to complicated to go into right now. Anyway, here is poor little lonely Quasimodo, enjoying a sunny moment. The tiny goldfish I got him are not the same as having a turtle friend. Maybe another one will need sanctuary here some day.

2014-08-20 16.13.37_w

Meh. Goldfish.

That  large wilted gray-green stalk on the ground was a beautiful tall upright sunflower on Tuesday. It managed to sprout and grow and survive until then. Dobby doesn’t really go into that area. I have it fenced off so the rabbits can go in there without him bothering them. So what happened to my beautiful sunflower? It was almost ready to bloom!

2014-08-20 18.48.28_w

Wiley Wabbit says he has no idea what happened to it.

Dobby never fails to amaze me. I was in his pen, scooping equipment in hand, looking around for something to scoop. Like guinea pigs, capybaras are prolific- big eaters for sure, but more seems to come out than goes in. So as a capybara owner, nothing to scoop could mean digestive problems or even a blockage. Oh, look! There it is, IN HIS WATER BOWL! Maybe he finally noticed that those are fire hydrant decorations.

2014-08-20 18.49.00_w

“I’m not a dog!”


Daily Drama 3


The big news all happened yesterday. Shana came to visit and brought a huge bucket of treats for Dobby! I’ll tell that story when I have a bit more time. The other big news is that The Pirate, my little white handicapped dove that lives indoors is a LADY Pirate! She laid an egg in her cage yesterday to prove it!

2014-07-21 14.08.40

Dobby and the BIG bucket of treats!

This morning I discovered a crow in the aviary. I must have accidentally locked him in last night.

2014-07-22 11.02.14

The gate is open, and the crow is visible in the fig tree at the top right corner of the opening.

He wasn’t very eager to leave and perched on the open gate twice before making his final decision.

2014-07-22 11.06.34


Not too upset about his overnight incarceration, he flew directly over to Dobby’s breakfast area to evaluate the leftovers.

2014-07-22 11.14.13

Munch munch munch

Finally, the goldfish in Dobby’s swimming pool were swimming so furiously, I treated them to some official Goldfish Food. Their job is mosquito abatement (there are no freeloaders here) so I consider actual food to be a reward for work well done. Dobby hopped up to watch and chowed down on the TOP STEP, thus solving the mystery of what REALLY happens to the steps over time.