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Daily Drama 28

Daily Drama 28

I pretend that I am open-minded, but really, I have learned a thing or two in the past couple days.

(Okay, I don’t have any recent photos to decorate this post. So how about these old ones, instead?)

2012-06-09 17.22.07_w

I will never forget you, Poodle.


1) Dobby can toss a coconut.

I bought him a coconut as a joke- his fur is just like a coconut. Try it- fondle a coconut next time you are at the grocery store. Just tell them you are checking out what capybara fur feels like. So, anyway, I am always looking for “enrichment” for Dobby. He is so smart, and he does enjoy an intellectual challenge. He was fascinated by this new offering, but when I put it in his potato bowl, he just tossed it out. Just. Tossed. It. Out. Can you imagine picking up a coconut with your teeth and tossing it?

2) Keep an eye on your turtle tank.

It was overflowing with rainfall, but at the same time, the leaves that were falling in were turning it dark with tannin, like over-steeped tea. I decided to drain off a bit, and started the siphon. A couple minutes later, the siphon had stopped, clogged with debris. So I started the siphon again. A couple minutes later, the siphon had stopped, clogged with debris. So I started the siphon again. A couple minutes later, the siphon had stopped, clogged with debris. So I started the siphon again. This time, I looked over, the water was GONE,  the turtles were awake and looking around, like “What? Is it Spring already?” and the submersible pump was making sucking/wheezing sounds. (Sorry no video.) WOW! So I quickly re-filled the tank with new water, and bailed like crazy from the duck pond to get them some “aged” water. I didn’t want to overload them with chlorine and fluorine and whatever else comes in with “clean water.”

3) Dobby isn’t going anywhere.

So, some people came by while Dobby was in the front yard, and the last one to enter didn’t check the gate. It had bounced back open and was quite unsecured when Dobby reviewed the situation. I had been hunkered down in the greenhouse, warm and dry, and when I finally came out to observe his grazing progress, I found Dobby staring at the open gate. He was very concerned, and had made that clear by creating a masterpiece outside the window corresponding to their activities inside. So now we know: if the gate is open, he doesn’t leave. Probably.

4) The budgie is a jerk.

When I open the cages at night, the budgie barges into the cockatiel cage while they scurry aside to give him space. So, I decided to trick him by opening a new cage door. There are actually seven doors on the cockatiel cage: 1 big door, 2 smaller access doors, and 4 tiny doors for food dish access. It took him about 5 extra minutes to discover the second access door, down below. I’m really excited about  all these doors- I’m going to open different doors every night just to trip him up! Don’t worry- I watch them carefully, and no one gets hurt, but it is important to provide stimulation to caged birds. Boredom is a big issue with all caged domestic pets, so I’m always looking for new ways for them to interact with each other- in a safe way, of course!

Daily Drama 26

Daily Drama 26

Spike the budgie is a twit. I’m sure everyone is familiar with parakeet mirror obsessions and their fondness for toys. I’m not certain that people understand how aggressive they are.


Spike on the left, Jorge and Vincent on the right.

In the evening, when large rodents are in bed and the kitchen door is no longer opening and closing, and dinner is cooked and the frying pan and pots of boiling water are gone, the bird cage doors open. Spike often comes out to the living room and watches tv with us from a tray set up as a bird playpen, similar to the one on top of his cage that no one likes. Sigh.

2013-10-21 00.16.192013-10-21 00.16.01 2013-10-21 00.15.46




I don’t have any living room playpen photos, so here he is with a cake cover.

Lately, when the cage doors open, he immediately abandons his own cage for the cockatiel cage. He is such a bully, he chases Jorge and Vincent out of their own cage, and they end up on the unpopular playpen or on top of their cage, just underneath the top shelf.

2014-09-02 23.23.22_w

If it makes you dizzy, just turn the picture upside down.

Last night, tired of his shenanigans, we took him out to the living room. He played happily for about 20 minutes, then flew off, in a big arc, toward the dining room. He does this all the time, and we go get him and bring him back. Last night, though, he disappeared. We looked high and low. We got out a flashlight and looked behind furniture. We check rooms in the opposite direction, just in case. We looked in the kitchen, atop cupboards, behind plants, any little nook or cranny possible.


Ha ha, the joke is on you!

Suddenly, I heard Dick laughing. “Found him!” Spike had flown in an arc, all right. He had flown straight into the open cockatiel cage! In fact, I had shut the door and closed him in, which explained all the cockatiel chatter for the previous 1/2 hour! D’oh!