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Emergency Blog Post

Emergency Blog Post

I had a lovely blog post written and then my computer crashed. I could struggle to recreate my masterpiece, but I have no photos, either. I know, let’s see if there are any funny Dobby photos hidden away within WordPress!

Dobby loved his hens, but I’m not sure the feeling was mutual. Dobby is helping himself to some of their cracked corn and they are running away, as you can see!

This is the photo I present to the world- Terminally Chill Dobby, politely sharing corn with the hens while the rabbit looks on. Such a pretty picture!

Just around the corner from the fleeing hens, there is an area inexplicably dubbed “The Graveyard.” It is a space I try to keep neat and tidy, and free of vermin. I even put fences to keep rodents out. So effective!

Most people are looking at those gigantic chompers. I am looking at those nice clean blankets on the ground. I had set them on top of those garbage bins, and somebody pulled them down and decided to take a nap.

Dobby investigates the bins. This one is where we put the soiled blankets.

Dobby is sharing his corn-on-the-cob with Jello, his favorite hen, in the front yard. I noticed an old corn crate today, the price still written on it: $50. That’s for 24 ears.

Dobby’s Lagoon always had lovely sticky mud for bathing. Good thing it was in the front yard- most of the mud would dry and drop off before he came into the kitchen.

This is the front door. There was no way he was coming into the house, but he was optimistic.

Dobby, showing his respect for our flag!


For those of you who joined us recently, our roster included Dobby the Capybara from 2009-2018. He proved to be such an excellent ambassador animal that I was inspired to incorporate as a non-profit organization. He has his own website where you can find all sorts of information about capybaras and links to our YouTube channel and beyond.

With a bit of good luck, we will return to our regular programming for the next blog post. If my usual luck prevails, there are plenty of Dobby photos.



Daily Drama 108 – Three Little Pigs

Daily Drama 108 – Three Little Pigs

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Daily Drama 105 – The Great Capybara Rescue

Daily Drama 105 – The Great Capybara Rescue

Stacy’s Funny Farm and The Pipsqueakery are non-profit animal rescue organizations that work with rodents. While we are miles apart in distance, our goals overlap and so we often find ourselves chatting about rescues and capybaras. One day Alex showed me an advertisement that was haunting her. Read the rest of this entry

In Memoriam: Dobby Winnick (Part 3) | Capybara Madness


Melanie understands so well.

Source: In Memoriam: Dobby Winnick (Part 3) « Capybara Madness

2018 Stacy’s Funny Farm Calendar

2018 Stacy’s Funny Farm Calendar

Facebook fans selected the photos for a 2018 calendar, and then I couldn’t find a good, cheap way to publish it. So, here is a FREE calendar! You have to print it yourself.

2018 SFF calendar
2018 jan SFF calendar

2018 feb SFF calendar

2018 march SFF calendar

2018 april SFF calendar

2018 may SFF calendar

2018 june SFF calendar

2018 july SFF calendar

2018 aug SFF calendar

2018 oct SFF calendar

2018 nov SFF calendar

2018 dec SFF calendar