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Emergency Blog Post

Emergency Blog Post

I had a lovely blog post written and then my computer crashed. I could struggle to recreate my masterpiece, but I have no photos, either. I know, let’s see if there are any funny Dobby photos hidden away within WordPress!

Dobby loved his hens, but I’m not sure the feeling was mutual. Dobby is helping himself to some of their cracked corn and they are running away, as you can see!

This is the photo I present to the world- Terminally Chill Dobby, politely sharing corn with the hens while the rabbit looks on. Such a pretty picture!

Just around the corner from the fleeing hens, there is an area inexplicably dubbed “The Graveyard.” It is a space I try to keep neat and tidy, and free of vermin. I even put fences to keep rodents out. So effective!

Most people are looking at those gigantic chompers. I am looking at those nice clean blankets on the ground. I had set them on top of those garbage bins, and somebody pulled them down and decided to take a nap.

Dobby investigates the bins. This one is where we put the soiled blankets.

Dobby is sharing his corn-on-the-cob with Jello, his favorite hen, in the front yard. I noticed an old corn crate today, the price still written on it: $50. That’s for 24 ears.

Dobby’s Lagoon always had lovely sticky mud for bathing. Good thing it was in the front yard- most of the mud would dry and drop off before he came into the kitchen.

This is the front door. There was no way he was coming into the house, but he was optimistic.

Dobby, showing his respect for our flag!


For those of you who joined us recently, our roster included Dobby the Capybara from 2009-2018. He proved to be such an excellent ambassador animal that I was inspired to incorporate as a non-profit organization. He has his own website where you can find all sorts of information about capybaras and links to our YouTube channel and beyond.

With a bit of good luck, we will return to our regular programming for the next blog post. If my usual luck prevails, there are plenty of Dobby photos.



Norman’s Nonsense – 32 – The Vampire

Norman’s Nonsense – 32 – The Vampire

If you don’t know about the three new ducks, then you must not live anywhere around here. They are big, they are blindingly white, and they are loud. Read the rest of this entry

Daily Drama 110 – Dumped Ducks

Daily Drama 110 – Dumped Ducks

Every Easter, bunnies and ducklings are given to children as pets. Ducklings grow quickly. They eat lots of duck food, splash the water out of their little pools, and generally make an icky sticky mess of their pen. Cleaning a duck pen is no fun. Rabbits chew everything up, would rather run wild than snuggle, and toss “raisins” from their cage. Read the rest of this entry

Norman’s Nonsense 31 – Drake Alert

Norman’s Nonsense 31 – Drake Alert

Sunshine “Sunny” the Pekin drake

One of the new ducks- the drake- has now joined the general population. Sunny wandered around today, poking his bill into this and that, exploring. The girls are still in the Bully Pen. Read the rest of this entry

News for the Neighborhood – 2



That quacking is not mallards, it’s the new ducks. They are big white domestic Pekin ducks, bred to be a gourmet Chinese entree. They are slow and fat and can’t fly at all. That’s why they came here from some fancy condos in Redmond where someone dumped them by a little lake. The Mail Carrier noticed them, contacted us, and we arranged for their rescue. They should quiet down once they figure out out the Dining Hall schedule.

Shetland Sheep

Uncle Hamish and Bouncing Wee Charlotte visit the front yard late every afternoon. Stacy hides in the warm greenhouse this time of year. Just holler and she’ll come out and coax the sheep over for saltines. Hours are about 3pm to 5pm in winter.

The sheep are growing wool and will continue to fluff up until May, when they will be sheared. The date will be posted but you are advised to visit in late April to make certain you see the Before and After. It’s always a bit of a shock to see how skinny they are! The vet gets scheduled shortly afterward to make his yearly exam and give vaccinations.

Guinea Pigs

We lost our precious guinea pig, Brutus, due to complications after dental surgery. Shortly after, a teenager surrendered two guinea pigs here and one almost immediately gave birth to three babies! The two baby girls went to a home in Shoreline but the cuddly male is still here. Pumpkin Pie is well acquainted with the Dining Hall schedule and squeals with the big pigs at salad time.

Indoor Birds

Our newest indoor bird is a Green-Cheeked Conure named Yoshi. He’s a little South American parrot, hatched in Hawaii. His owners were away from home so much it made more sense for him to live here where they can visit whenever they want to.

Emergency Carport Repair

I’m certain the neighborhood is relieved that I was able to  repair the carport and deck before it collapsed. We  avoided a total teardown by replacing rotten wood and posts, and an undersized and sagging beam. To prevent further degradation, we installed fiberglass panels on the overhead arbor. Thank you Jesus and Jose!

Now Available

We currently have eggs- chicken and duck, goose in spring. As always, we have fertilizer, feed bags, and baling twine. The Little Free Library is well stocked.

How to Contribute

High School Volunteers receive Community Service credits toward graduation. Watch our videos on YouTube, Channel Hippopotatomus, we’re monetized! Donate via PayPal at   

News for the Neighborhood is intended to inform the neighbors and supplement the seasonal announcements. Neighbors can also find this information on our website at