Norman’s Nonsense – 32 – The Vampire

Norman’s Nonsense – 32 – The Vampire

If you don’t know about the three new ducks, then you must not live anywhere around here. They are big, they are blindingly white, and they are loud.

They are also fairly well-behaved. Sunny got thrown out with the old drakes and he is one happy guy. The girls are still in the Bully Pen. They want to be out with Sunny, but in the Bully Pen, they don’t have to share their duck food or their pool (That’s my pool!) and they just hang out all day, laying eggs once in a while. An occasional hen traipses in to bother them, but the cats are scared of them. That’s how big they are.

So the weird thing is about Hope. Destiny looks and acts about the same as Sunny. Hope has a tough time walking around. She’s slow and awkward, and when we talk about waddle, she’s in her own league. Hope sits around instead of standing around. The minute she has waddled to her new destination, she plops down, not standing a minute longer than she has to. She has fat knees and a funny bump on her nose. A couple times, the Farm Manager has pushed her into a box and carried her away. Harsh punishment, I think, for some cosmetic anomalies.

Hope chows down on duck food.

That’s still not the weirdest part. The Farm Manager has been grabbing her every day. It’s hard to say for sure, but I think she is shoving things down Hope’s throat! I sure hope it’s duck food, but somehow I think it isn’t. The duck food floats in water in a bowl. We all like it and nobody has to be forced to eat it.

Sunny grabs an after-hours snack.

That’s still not the very weirdest part! The Farm Manager has some oddball habits, but we all put up with her because she distributes the food. She was a daylight phenomenon until recently. She usually pens up the sheep at dusk and gives them their bedtime saltines. Then she goes into the house. But the weird thing is that now she comes back out! It’s dark and she approaches the aviary cautiously, no doubt recalling the pre-cat nights when the rats would help themselves to the chicken food. Or maybe she’s dodging the mudhole by the gate. She walks straight to the barn where Hope sleeps- she has a nifty little nest in there now. The Farm Manager grabs poor Hope, sets her up on a table, and stabs her! To her credit, Hope doesn’t even whimper. Once Hope is back on the ground, she high-tails it out of there. Both of them, Hope and the Farm Manager. Now that’s weird.

After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Farm Manager is a vampire. There’s no other explanation for it. It came on kind of sudden-like, it only happens after dark, and she skedaddles afterward. That’s my guess- vampire- and I’m sticking with it until someone proves me wrong.



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