Norman’s Nonsense 31 – Drake Alert

Norman’s Nonsense 31 – Drake Alert

Sunshine “Sunny” the Pekin drake

One of the new ducks- the drake- has now joined the general population. Sunny wandered around today, poking his bill into this and that, exploring. The girls are still in the Bully Pen.

This is not my first rodeo, and I suspected they would be joining the flock. Honestly, though, I did not expect to see this dude cut loose so soon. In hindsight, though, it was clear this was not going to be a normal introduction.

Poor little Hope, with her bedraggled plumage and knobby nose. That’s not cheerios, it’s Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance, a floating duck food.

One of the ducks, Hope, isn’t looking too swift. Destiny and Sunny look like classic cartoon ducks, fluffy and white, waterproof as Crisco. Hope is dirty, limping, and hungry.

The Farm Manager nabbed Hope and stuffed her into a little carrier. She said Hope was going to have her picture taken. I thought this was a bit odd. Hope doesn’t strike me as the modeling type: my money would have been on pretty Destiny. Of course, the photos didn’t turn out all that great. Her head isn’t even in them. I hope the Farm Manager didn’t pay too much for them.

Anyway, Hope limps due to a bum hip from an ancient injury on one side. On the other side she’s got a swollen ankle, probably from when she got her leg stuck on some rocks at the lake where her previous owners dumped her in January. The Farm Manager has been shoving pills at her: one for inflammation and one for an infection. Considering that added insult to injury, she’s doing pretty good.

A whole lotta ducks to sort out here. Sunny and I are sharing duck food out of that far bowl.

Sunny and I are getting along great. He’s big and kind of dorky but he’s not messing with Blind Vinny, and even Shamrock doesn’t seem to get on his nerves. We’ll see what he thinks of Shamrock when he takes off after Destiny, which he certainly will.

Hope’s in front, then Destiny, and Sunny is outside the Bully Pen, looking in.

They used to all sleep in the barn together because the Farm Manager is such a worry-wart. They still get to sleep together in the barn, but there’s a bit of chicken wire between them. I feel kind of sorry for Sunny, but he does get to see his girls all the time. And he seems to be enjoying his new puttering about privileges.

Respectfully submitted,



Hope is going to have some vet bills, including another blood draw to see if the antibiotic is working. Click here to help with her expenses! It’s tax deductible.

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