Pets in Costume

Pets in Costume

Most of my pet costume photos come from other people. That’s because my own attempts are dismal. Once in a while someone gets inspired and we end up with a few good ones. Dobby was cooperative as long as no hats were involved. That pumpkin costume became his favorite jacket. He loved to wear it on chilly days. I never found a jacket he liked better.

That was the guinea big pumpkin costume, but I also have a matching guinea pig costume! Once upon a time I had a volunteer, time to have fun dressing up my piggies, and cooperative guineas. A perfect storm, and yes, there is continual sweeping involved to keep the photos bean-free. Get in the mood.

Stevie Ray was a good sport. Frederick was not amused. Carl turned out to be the Prince of dressing up. He loved the attention.

Who else dresses up at the Funny Farm? Cats, of course.

Anyone else? How about Bonnie Bunny and Charlotte. Charlotte is covered with Timothy Hay seed heads, subtle, but funny. Next year we shall see. I think she’s going to like dressing up.

We are still dressing up the guinea pigs, but it’s more like a game than anything resembling a photo shoot. The guinea pigs love the attention and our young volunteer is very gentle and attentive to the guinea pigs. (She is closely supervised.) Our tiny helper is cropped out for privacy reasons, but you should see the grins!

Thanks to all of the volunteers and dresser-uppers. All of the animals had free choice to participate or not (even Nini.) We don’t require our animals to dress up, and most of the time they run around here buck-naked. Paco had plenty of treats, he just wanted more.

Extra special guest kitties:

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