Norman’s Nonsense 28 – The Fence

Norman’s Nonsense 28 – The Fence

If the news is kind of old, is it still news? What is time, anyway? Does anybody really know what time it is?

We had an old fence and it started falling apart. The Farm Manager says that time does that, but I never saw time messing around with that fence.

The original fence was a kind of basketweave design. It was about a hundred years old.

The Farm Manager built a new fence behind it to keep the neighbor’s dog from sticking his head through. (Which wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t fed him hot dogs through the holes.)

If you ignore the sunbathing capybara, you can see the old new fence behind the old old fence, way up there.

And then they moved and new people moved in and then they moved and the new new people suddenly started taking out our fence so they could yank out the rampant bamboo which had appeared out of nowhere. It was full of birds, anyway.

That’s when the Farm Manager nearly had a heart attack and wouldn’t let them take out the whole dog-proof fence she had built. She made them keep the part right next to my aviary. Whew!

Then a whole lot more time happened and then suddenly the neighbor took down the rest of the old new fence, and it was scary for a week.

Suddenly there was no fence at all. We were lucky that the aviary has its own funky state-of-the-art security fencing, so the raccoons never got in.

When they took away the old basketweave fence, we were totally naked back there for about two weeks. They stopped and started and then they worked on some other parts not next to our house.

The Farm Manager must have checked that wire security fence about ten times a day. It’s kind of rusty and it has been mended about a million times where the trees go through it. The fence crew was very careful and they also had nice music, but it took forever for them to custom cut the wood and fit them between the crooked old basketweave supports.

So that’s the new fence. It’s a little bit harder for the raccoons to sneak around back there, but after all that work, it’s the old chicken wire security fence that keeps us safe!

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