Norman’s Nonsense 27 – Uh oh

Norman’s Nonsense 27 – Uh oh

The Farm Manager says I have failed to live up to my contractual obligations. She accused me of not writing enough blog posts!

She’s going to have Pearly Mae (shudder) write them if I don’t step up the pace. She also threatened to cut back my lettuce ration! Well I have a surprise for her. These nonsense blog posts are not going to have very many words!

Here’s a picture of Charlotte in an area fenced to keep the sheep out. It looks like she is hovering above the ground. She and Hamish come in to “help” every day.

Hooves perched on the fence wire.

We’re all bored because of the Bird Flu. We still can’t go out to the garden!

The raccoons have multiplied and now there are two puny ones. They play on top of the fig tree every night and the almost-ripe figs drop onto the ground. It’s a huge mess because the chickens won’t eat unripe figs and the Farm Manager slips on the mess and mutters bad words about the lost fig crop. They will be ripe in about a week if they don’t all come crashing down.

The turtle water gets milky with the figs falling in there.

Raccoons look cute but they growl and I don’t like the way they look at Blind Vinny and Angel our oldest hen. They are both ten years old. All the drakes are ancient (Emilio is 13, Shamrock is 12, Boxcar is 11) and probably not up to a raccoon challenge. Don’t they know this is a sanctuary?

Okay, I’m out of pictures and way out of words!

Begrudgingly submitted,



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