News for the Neighborhood 1

News for the Neighborhood 1


That noise is coming from a baby lamb named Charlotte. She was taken from her mother only last Saturday, so she’s coming along nicely, being very brave, as long as she can see Uncle Hamish. As she learns the daily routine she gains confidence and becomes much quieter.

Mr. Charlie

Hamish was lonely when his lifelong buddy Charlie went away. Wee Charlotte arrived here a few days later and has proved to be a welcome distraction. She is part lamb and part kangaroo, and that is why she will stay in the back until we have a chance to fortify our fencing. She is friendly but she doesn’t know about crackers yet. We think she will come right up to the fence to meet her visitors anyway because she is very curious and outgoing as long as Uncle Hamish is nearby.

Wee Charlotte

Because I am not very good at updating the announcements I post on the Little Free Library out front, I am going to write up my news as blog posts and encourage my neighbors to check out the website. Lots of neighbors drop by to see the sheep or trade books, but not everyone stops to chat, especially in the rain. June-uary 2022 has been relentless, and the heat in the house still comes on every morning. Ever the optimist, we do have some summer activities coming up, so this is one way for me to note them without putting on my rain gear to go out and scratch out the dates on my little announcement cards.

So many announcements!

So far we have garage sales planned, but without dates. The first one will be after July 18 and will feature furniture and lots of free items. The Funny Farm will be selling jewelry and some capybara themed items. Rebecca will have her fabulous jewelry and imported items for sale. Neighbors will be encouraged to participate with their own sales. We have a lot of stuff, so probably at least two sales.

During regular sheep viewing time

We also plan to participate in National Night Out on Tuesday August 2. Might be sheep themed, might be music, probably no food, we really don’t know yet.

We’re surrounded.

Bird Flu is like COVID for birds, so you won’t see my hens and ducks loose for a while. We are within the 10 kilometer control zone, so not (yet) in quarantine. I can’t give away eggs, and they would probably frown on the free fertilizer giveaway, too. Keeping our fingers crossed for all the nearby backyard flocks. You can find out more about Bird Flu (HPAI) at the WSDA website.

Uncle Hamish and Wee Charlotte

News for the Neighborhood is intended to inform the neighbors and supplement the seasonal announcements. Neighbors can also find this information on our website at

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