Norman’s Nonsense 23

Norman’s Nonsense 23

It’s almost spring here. I can tell because Shamrock the runner duck follows Cubicle the goose– my own goose– shamelessly, everywhere, all of the time.


Cubicle is my special sweetheart. We have been together since the beginning of time. Somehow, though, Shamrock took a fancy to her. He is as hard-headed as a donkey, maybe even more obtuse than a sheep. The first couple of years were horrible, the next were annoying, now he’s just bothersome.

Cubicle isn’t flattered by the attention.

What I finally figured out is that even though he tried to steal her away from me, Cubicle just isn’t interested in him. She barely even notices him following her around. Then I discovered that it’s a good deal to have him follow her everywhere: she had picked up her own security guard! I know that if I stop paying attention to her for a minute, it’s not a big deal because Shamrock covers for me. 

I am free to test lettuce while Shamrock shadows my mate.

The other duty he covers for me is Nest Watching. Dudes are supposed to watch the nest (and eggs) when the women are away. Boring, let me tell you. If Cubicle is there, no problem, but have you ever watched an empty nest all day? Have you ever wished you could farm out that chore? It’s perfect when you have a chump like Shamrock on the job. 

Once summer is here, he’ll be available. Mind you, he’s somewhat blind and not very bright, but he’s cheap. Use the contact form below to let the Farm Manager know I told you he’s available. 




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