Norman’s Nonsense 20

Norman’s Nonsense 20

In the Good News department, the mallards have returned to the back yard. I thought they were gone for good, but that would have been surprising because they were already hanging around when I got here over ten years ago.

He’s back!

In the Bad News Department, the Great Blue Heron (GBH) is back and he’s more obnoxious than ever. Maybe he should eat lunch before he drops by because he keeps staring at the goldfish. Dr. Pepper the turtle hadn’t been seen for a week, and I figured he was hibernating already. Now that the heron is ready to pounce, he’s hauling out, neck stuck way out, just asking for trouble. Anyone who has seen an empty turtle shell by the side of a pond knows the macabre eating habits of GBH’s.

Today Mr. GBH took it a step farther, well, maybe lots of steps. While we were all out at the garden party, he pranced through the open gate and on into the aviary! I let out a couple big warning honks but he sure don’t scare easy! The Farm Manager came running but he wasn’t scared of her, either. That’s not surprising, she’s kind of a shrimp. Anyway, the heron is out and most of the goldfish are accounted for.

Guarding Dr. Pepper and his fishy entourage is not in my job description. I watch over the poultry. I terrorize the cats. I test the lettuce. That is quite enough, thank you very much. I did notice that my favorite wading pool is sparkly clean again. It’s been awhile. I guess if I work harder, the Farm Manager has to work harder, too!

The GBH makes funny sounds

And then, he suddenly disappeared again. We’re all relieved, but we also know he could come back just as fast.

Honk honk!


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