Norman’s Nonsense 14 – Somebody wound up the sheep!

Norman’s Nonsense 14 – Somebody wound up the sheep!

We had crazy weather today. The rain came down like rock salt pellets. Everyone ran for shelter.
I thought everyone had survived, but it must have hit the sheep in the head because a little later they went bonkers.


First, we heard thunder, so that was alarming. But it turned out to be stampeding sheep! They chased each other across the deck, down the steps, and around by the apple tree. They looped past, came beck onto the deck– gallopy, gallopy, gallopy– across the decking, down the steps and back around to the apple tree. This time they stopped for a couple friendly head-butts before turning the corner and then clippity clopped across the deck. They leapt off the steps, ran around the far side of the apple tree this time, and then scampered up the steps and gallopy, gallopy, gallopy across the deck. Jump off the steps, stop for a quick foot stomp and head-butt, turn around, gallop across the deck the other direction, rest a bit. The funniest part is when the sheep get going really fast: they start bouncing like kangaroos. Well, maybe not like that, but all of a sudden they stop running and their legs all stop moving independently and they just bounce around like they are on pogo sticks! Except they go really, really fast. It’s so silly! And they can keep it up for hours. Maybe not hours, but a long time!

Bouncing duly reported,

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