Norman’s Nonsense 11 – Big Sheep Snow

Norman’s Nonsense 11 – Big Sheep Snow

It snowed awhile back and I’m still not sure what to say about it. I’ve seen snow before but this one was really big. It’s long gone, but we’re still talking about it.

Everybody meaning the sheep, that is. Charlie & Hamish are the only ones who miss it and want more.

Something tells me wool might be warmer than down.

While the flock hung around the barn with the hens, like a bunch of wusses, Charlie & Hamish chased each other around the new fluffy snow. While it was snowing. They do have their own barn, and hardly any snow piled in there, but they were intent upon making the most of the snowy extravaganza.

All that pretty snow, beat up and smashed flat by scampering sheep.

While we were standing around our fire pit, roasting marshmallows to keep warm, Charlie & Hamish napped in the snow. Okay, I lied about the marshmallows, and it was a heat lamp not a fire pit, but the imagery is better. The snow napping happened, though.

Charlie is scarfing up the corn while a phalanx of mallards stands by, reinforcements on the roof, guarding the flanks.

It turns out wild ducks, at least mallards, are tougher than we are. For once, the Farm Manager didn’t invite them into our barn to eat our food. They got the regular treat, straight cracked corn. It’s really just a pick-me-up because they eat whatever wild ducks eat. Little green things and maybe some bugs. A fish.

The mallards have successfully reached the corn, but they know to watch their backs. Charlie is not to be trusted: he likes to dash over and scatter them.

To tell you the truth, Charlie & Hamish ate most of the corn. Charlie, I mean Charlie ate most of the corn. He’s always hungry.

Precipitously submitted,


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