Daily Drama 88 – Baad Animals

Daily Drama 88 – Baad Animals

Well, I guess we’re awake now! Princess has a new hobby. Having a hen indoors is a challenge, but I never expected her to start crowing every morning. At least it’s not all day long like a bona fide rooster. A crowing rooster will raise your rafters. Here’s little Princess, welcoming the morning:

You already know about her other bad habits, like sleeping on the bathroom sink. When I need to brush my teeth, I set her down on the side of the tub and she usually spends the rest of her night down there. Unless she jumps onto my head while I am brushing my teeth.

Princess claims the bathroom sink.

Of course, Princess isn’t my only naughty hen. These girls are taking a dust bath. That’s my special patch of mint right there. I won’t be drinking any Mojitos this summer.

Adelita, Pearly Mae, and Brown Chicken kick up a little dust.

Pearly (AKA Pearly Mae) was raised as a lone pet with no chicken flock. She is a pest when I feed the cats. She’ll poke her face right into the can as I scoop the cat food out into their dish. I still haven’t seen her eat chicken food.

You can see the overhead wire grid a few inches above the optimistic prayer flags.

Her most dangerous habit is sleeping out “under the stars.” She’s directly underneath the top wire, and a raccoon with long monkey arms could reach down and grab her. When I am out there giving Kitty Hawk his night-time insulin, I grab her and bring her into the barn. She’s ever so slowly catching on that she’s not allowed to sleep out there.

For bad animals, there’s nothing quite like the sheep. They put a bit of effort into The Bad. They’re eating my garden from the ground up. In fact, I must remember to order some more fencing. Some of the denuded branches were mature shrubs that were starting to look pretty good. And, ICYMI, there’s the Baad Romance between Bev and Hamish.

The veterinarian was out last week to give them vaccinations. I couldn’t take photos or videos, but they were very well behaved, for untrained rambunctious beasts. As a consolation prize, here’s a fun video. These guys are a laugh a minute!

Dobby the capybara was The Prince of Badness. There’s no getting past that. In the gratuitous Dobby photo below, he was being helpful, marking The Bartender’s shirt.

Dobby owned anything he could mark with the gland on his nose, his morrillo.

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