Daily Special: Luna the Lionhead

Daily Special: Luna the Lionhead

Now available! Meet Luna the rabbit! She appears to be at least part lionhead, but she is guaranteed to be 100% rabbit! If you can give a beautiful bunny a good home, please contact me.

20160407_153359This is what I know: the shelters are full and are no longer taking rabbits in our area, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. This is a real pickle for someone trying to rehome a rabbit. I don’t have space, either, so she is still at her home, but she needs a new one.

20160513_150005Luna is about a year old, not spayed, and not particularly friendly. She has not had much attention for most of her life, but is indoors, uses her litter box, and has had half a bedroom for romping. She is healthy and gets along great with her family cat.

20160330_144806Luna comes with her cage, various rabbit accoutrements and paraphernalia, and she is available NOW!


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