Dobby’s Visitors | Dobby the Capybara

Dobby’s Visitors | Dobby the Capybara

Look! A photo with ME in it! That’s because this is a guest blog that a visitor wrote! The blog is posted on Dobby’s website, so this is only a preview.

Stacy’s Funny Farm is a non-profit pet sanctuary, so how does Dobby figure in? He’s not a rescued animal, he’s my pet. What I discovered is that when people come to visit Dobby, they see the sanctuary pets and often leave a donation. In fact, almost every donation I have ever received came in because someone was interested in Dobby. That’s why I incorporated as a non-profit: because the donations were coming in anyway. Now they are tax deductible. That’s why Dobby is my Director of Fundraising. Most donations can be traced to him, one way or another.

So, one of Dobby’s visitors took the photos and wrote this great blog post for me! Click on the link below to see it!
Dobby’s Visitors | Dobby the Capybara

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