Wemembering Wiley Wabbit

Wemembering Wiley Wabbit

Long before the rambunctious rodent came to live here, a cute little bunny rabbit arrived. Wiley was a well known and well loved feral rabbit drifting through friendly back yards in an upscale urban neighborhood. It soon became clear that he didn’t belong to anyone, and with winter approaching, his protectors grew concerned. A friend of the Funny Farm heard about Wiley, and the next thing you know, he was at the vet being “fixed” and then he was here!


Wild and crazy Wiley Wabbit

This was a big surprise for both Wiley Wabbit, and little Nosebud, the Rabbit in Residence!


Lonely no more

She was very excited to share her palace with such a handsome gentleman rabbit.


Portal to the palace

Wiley’s adjustment to captive life was instantaneous. The few times I had him indoors he was curious and inquisitive, not panicked, so I am quite certain he once lived with a family.


A youthful, athletic Wiley Wabbit

He was a gentleman and a quick learner. He came to me readily and leaned into me when I picked him up.


“Make him get down!” – Nosebud

He was in fabulous condition and was a showoff, too. Wiley took full advantage of vertical elements in the palace.


Not dead

He was so relaxed he scared me half to death sometimes. (Those are Nosebud’s calling cards. Wiley was fastidious.)


Where’s Wiley?

He was a trickster, though, and would hide from me. Can you find him in that photo above? (The answer is at the end of the blog.)


Little rosemary plants getting littler

When Wiley Wabbit first arrived, he and Nosebud would hide together under a huge rosemary bush. It died in a hard freeze, so I planted new ones, and used wire to protect the baby plants from chicken scratching and bunny bites.


So dignified

Wiley Wabbit was the Gentleman King of the Funny Farm.


Wiley Wabbit meets Rambunctious Rodent

Until Prince Dobalob arrived. Dobby got along just fine with Nosebud and Wiley, while he was small enough to enter the palace.


“Keep him OUT!” – Wiley and Nosebud

The rabbits were happier when Dobby turned into a bull and I stopped allowing him into their china shop.


My happy guy

Time passed and Wiley seemed ageless. We didn’t really know how old he was, but only his accumulated wisdom hinted at his years. Eager to join the afternoon garden party with the poultry, he also learned to return promptly to the palace when I went in to refill the dishes.


Garden Party time – check out the one-ear salute!

Sweet little Nosebud would get confused about returning to their pen, and Wiley would gently get her attention and coax her in.



And just two weeks after I took her to the vet, Nosebud was gone. She had E. cuniculi, I treated both rabbits, but she didn’t make it. Wiley Wabbit was devastated.


So sad

Animals do mourn.


“This is a food dish, right?” – Wiley

After about a month, he returned to his trickster ways, but it wasn’t the same without Nosebud.


This is how ducks ruin the pasture. (Video courtesy Ducks and Clucks)

Wiley had plenty of friends, if you include birds. In the photo above, he is helping to re-seed Dobby’s mudhole back yard pasture. The chickens, geese, and ducks destroy it seasonally.

2012-10-26 16.47.51_w

Autumn is apple season

Wiley had plenty of treats. The apple tree drops enough for everyone to share, and they all love to forage.

2014-10-05 17.44.11_w

Wiley’s Wabbit palace

Wiley’s palace had plenty of hopping space. Two more rabbits came, but one named Bonnie Bunny claimed Mr. Wiley Wabbit for her very own.

2014-10-30 16.27.26_w

Bonnie Bunny & Wiley Wabbit

Wiley taught her to navigate the garden, and how to find her way back to the pen. Bonnie is very bossy independent but was a serviceable companion for Gentleman Wiley.

2013-09-18 16.34.01_w

The rabbit garden

When he had been here 7 years, he developed allergies and had sneezing fits, but the veterinarian recommended a supplement that worked miracles. He loved getting his “cookie” every day. He also developed cataracts and gained some weight. Wiley wasn’t running around like a maniac any more.

Wiley Wabbit, the older version

He had lived here 8 years when he refused his last cookie at the end of the day. Bonnie Bunny was attending him and he was very still. I knew he would be gone when I awoke the next morning and that there was nothing more I could do for him. Bonnie would have to take him the final distance.

2012-06-06 17.40.30_w

Photobomb by Wiley

Cute little Wiley was even in Dobby’s magazine article, a fitting memorial.

Wiley was here for so long . . . I keep expecting to see him come around the corner. I swear I heard his ghost up in the palace: there is nothing quite like the hippity hop of a rabbit. They really do make that noise, you know. So, I heard a hippity hop across the length of the palace, but turned to see Bonnie just behind me, in the garden.


Wiley’s garden: blueberry bushes and rosemary

A Wiley Wabbit Ghost haunts the Funny Farm. Perfect.

So, did you find Wiley in that photo way back at the beginning? He’s right smack dab in the center of the photo:


Wild and crazy Wiley Wabbit

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  1. This was a lovely tribute to Wiley. I wish it would have crossed my computer an hour earlier while my Mom was still here. She had a little dwarf bunny named Timmy for 10 years – he was already 2 when she got him. She would have appreciated Wileys story.

    • I would love to hear Timmy’s story! You should encourage her to write it up! I have had pet rabbits since 1971, inside and outside, and every one has a story. Most people have no idea that they have such quirky personalities!

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