Daily Drama 25

Daily Drama 25

I woke up at 7 this morning, and that is amazing by itself. Looking at my remote thermometers, I realized that it is true. The heater in Dobby’s pen isn’t working. It was 31 degrees (-.5c) in his boudoir. I ORDERED a replacement heater online last night, does that count?

So, I made up his milk in a hurry, and brought him inside. You can’t bring Dobby inside in the morning if his milk isn’t waiting for him. Actually, I’ve never done that, so I don’t know what he’d do, but Prince Dobalob deserves royal treatment. He even got to make his morning corn mess indoors this morning, though he still went outside to check for more.

When the temperatures dip to the low 20’s, like they did last night, I usually let him sleep indoors, but give him access to his pen. If I lock him in the kitchen, he panics and starts eating the door. (Actually, I have done that, accidentally.) But even though I knew about the cold snap- the entire country is affected, right?- I didn’t think it would get to 22 Tuesday night. Plus, at that point I was only suspicious about his heater, not yet convinced of its demise. His heated kennel pad is still working, thank goodness. The weather forecast was for another freeze, but not nearly as bad as Tuesday. In fact, it was 20.7 (-6c) this morning when I got up and only 31 in Dobby’s space. Tuesday it had been 33. Thirty-three (.5c) means his blankets aren’t stiff and crunchy. Thirty-one (-.5c) means they are. Stupid weathermen.

2014-07-27 11.27.59_ws

Dobby’s Boudoir

Tonight, I don’t know what I’ll do. If he is in, that means he is actually in-&-out all night. Right inside the door are 2 doves, 2 cockatiels, and one parakeet. None of them appreciate having the door opening and closing all night, so I cover them up, which I don’t usually do. Still, there is always a chance he’ll drag out a blanket that will prop the door open, letting winter in. What to do, what to do.

At least last night I remembered to bring in the hummingbird feeders! Those are angry little dudes in this weather!



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  1. Brrrrrr! We got snow during the night. It was cold. Not looking forward to the winter weather. I love the big fat snowflakes tho when everything looks like a winter wonderland.

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