Daily Drama 24

Daily Drama 24

I hope I never have to write another post as boring as this one. It doesn’t even deserve a photo, but maybe I’ll throw one in just to see if anyone notices.

The email client on my computer has gone rogue, and I have spent the last three days just messing around with it, checking forums, cursing, lots of random profanity. It started playing a kind of Russian Roulette with my email accounts, sending from one, then another, willy nilly, with absolutely no regard for which account the original inquiry came in on. Then it stopped sending altogether. Because I began to work on the servers (in six browser windows, one for each account) I happened to notice that the inbox for one account had been neatly wiped out for the entire period between October 10, 2013 and October 10, 2014. POUF! Gone, an entire year of email, and on my primary account, too. Then I received an email from a colleague asking if I had any idea why the inboxes on our two shared business accounts had been wiped clean. So my email client not only sucked a year out of my primary account, it wiped clean two others. So that has been kept me hopping, but I am happy to report that after some major surgery, I am now rebuilding the blackholes inboxes with forwarded messages. It’s so much fun. I’m actually pining away for the snail-mail days of my youth.

Is that enough whining for one day?


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