Daily Drama 23

Daily Drama 23

Dobby bit another hose this morning. He seems to know which ones are “live,” as in under pressure and “on.” So I heard it spraying before I saw it. Serves me right for leaving him to play in the aviary with his hens.

There’s a crow poking a hole in Dobby’s nice bed out on the deck. There was a tiny frayed piece, but I just saw the crow sticking his beak in there to really ream it out. Thanks a  lot. This particular crow has very badly scaled feet. It looks like he walked through wet concrete, so I have named him Gambino.

The guinea pigs had a visitor earlier this week, so Carl, Fred, and Stevie had a celebration with cilantro and wheatgrass! Dobby managed to steal the show, and scored big with corn and a HUGE bunch of bamboo! He’s still munching on the bamboo.

The Bartender

I thought these photos were funnier than anything I have on hand at the moment. And that explains THAT! There are a bunch more of these funny photos if you follow the link below:


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