Ducks of Destruction


An entire summer of re-seeding and tending the lawn, completely undone by a dozen ducks and geese in one afternoon.

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  1. I guess you’ll have to plant more seeds. But just think of how the ducks are enjoying themselves. It’s a party for them. They really mean no harm. They probably think it was put there for them. And Dobby, you should guard your grass..

    • It’s easy to see why the entire duck and chicken run is completely devoid in greenery. I let them into Dobby’s yard for a couple hours each afternoon, but I fence them out of Dobby’s little back yard pasture. I can only seed grass during the summer when the ground temperatures are high enough to germinate the seed, so this is all the grass we’ll have until next May, when I can start seeding again. That’s why I take Dobby out to the front yard every afternoon. There are no ducks in that pasture!

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