Daily Drama 21

Daily Drama 21

The Funny Farm volunteers are getting more involved with animal care. It certainly works out well for the guinea pigs. Kim has brought Carl into the kitchen for an extra treat!


Kim and Carl Sagan

Jillian now knows how fun it is to trim guinea pig toenails! I’m sure she’s really looking forward to next time, but is grateful that these boys don’t need “boar cleaning.”


Jillian and Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray has fur that needs special, but gentle care. We even trimmed him with special scissors designed for finicky cats. If I keep it shorter, “things” don’t get caught up in it.


“I thought Frederick of Hollywood was my stylist! Who is this?”

Two years ago, when I first groomed Stevie Ray, he was furious. He chattered, spun and scratched with his back feet, and lunged for my throat. He’s calmed down quite a bit since then, and now it’s like grooming a normal angry guinea pig. We escaped without even minor flesh wounds.


Two years ago, Stevie Ray would have jumped clean out of that box and off the table.

Nobody can go into The Dude Ranch room without feeding the guinea pigs. They make the rules, but they had to wait until after they were groomed.


Treat time is ALL THE TIME!










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