Daily Drama 17

Daily Drama 17

I forgot to mention the excitement in the car on my way to the feed store on Friday. It’s spider season here, and the Orb-weaver spider webs are suspended across every conceivable walkway outside. Hobo spiders are all over the place inside. Maybe they are just Giant House Spiders.

2014-09-21 18.19.22_w


Anyway, I got in the car, started driving to the feed store. I felt a tickle on my cheek, brushed at it and UGH! Brushed a pea-sized thing onto the floor of the car by my legs! Fortunately I noticed that the truck in front of me was braking for a traffic signal and stopped. And I stopped. I picked a sturdy plastic windshield ice scraper out of the door pocket, making an executive decision not to save this spider and toss him out the door. Not having a jar and an index card handy, I just didn’t feel I could nab him efficiently. After about 25 swipes with the windshield scraper, I finally felt his little abdomen crush, and looked down to verify the murder. I’m usually not this cruel, but at that moment, the traffic signal changed and traffic started up again. I was awfully glad the face-kissing spider was dispatched. The nerve of him!

As I started to drive again, I glanced to the passenger seat where an identical spider made his/her way to the edge and dropped onto the floor. So how many were there in the car? I opened all the windows, just in case that one was trying to escape the murderess with the deadly ice scraper, but I never saw another. Searched the car while I was at the feed store, but there was no sign of spider #2.

Let us hope that is the end of the story, okay?


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  1. Hahaha! Yes, I’m laughing 🙂 I’m pretty sure there is a resident black widow living in my dash, she’s a local. You wouldn’t believe the critters I find in my car! Did I tell you about the time Ken sat on a tarantula?

  2. Ahhhhh, Stacy that’s not like you. Spider # 2 was probably a relative of Spider # 1. But if that was me, I would’ve panicked and ended up hugging the bumper of the car in front of me.

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