Daily Drama 14

Daily Drama 14

Madonna would like to announce that she laid an egg today. I took a video, but it was too annoying to post.

2014-09-01 11.04.12_w

Bwack ack ack ack ack, burrrack ack ack ack ack! (and repeat)

Dobby has had a new visitor to the back yard, but he is very shy.

2014-09-01 11.12.18_w

Dobby oversees the molehill construction.

The squirrels are nuts these days. Can you see all three? I have five resident squirrels, but it is hard to catch all five in one photo. Rusty’s babies aren’t out yet. Except the one that fell out and we put back in, that is.

2014-09-02 16.36.50_w

Peanut Hunters

Pepper the red-eared slider, a non-native pond turtle, came to us from the Seattle Animal Shelter. I’m still trying to get some history on him, but he had his vet checkup on their nickel. That’s a nice adoption gift.

2014-09-02 19.21.35_w

Pepper weighs a bit over 2 pounds!

To check for pneumonia, Pepper got to go swimming in nice warm water. He loved it.

2014-09-02 19.35.23_w

Pepper checks out Dr. Vincenzi.

Pepper doesn’t look like he’s been outside much, and he’s fearless. He loves people! Seriously, he checked everyone out.

2014-09-02 19.40.08_w

Pepper likes everyone.

You can put your finger right up to his face and he doesn’t hide! Doesn’t bite, either! So he has probably spent time around nice people that he trusts. He’s in good condition now, but has had a tough time in his past. His carapace is very rough and flaky.

2014-09-02 19.41.41_w

He’s checking YOU out, now!

In other news, Spike would like you to see how he helps out on cage cleaning night! You might recognize that spot as Dobby’s daytime hang-out by the heat vent. Gee, why is cage cleaning done after Dobby’s bedtime?

2014-09-02 23.23.22_w

No, YOU are upside down! I am right side up!

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  1. How do they tell if a turtle has pneumonia? I like turtles. I saved a huge snapping turtle a couple years ago. I was on my way to work and I take the creek which is scenic, but has alot of curves. I happened to see a huge something or other in the middle of the road ahead of me and I parked my car and got out and saw it was a huge turtle. I could not leave it there for someone to hit it. At the time I had no idea it was a snapping turtle,but found out very quickly. LOL I tried pushing him with my foot but he wouldn’t move and not only that but he was heavy. I kept trying and all of a sudden his jaws opened and his whole body whipped around and his jaw snapped real loud. That’s when I realized this little guy can hurt me. Knowing that another car may be coming around the curve and not seeing me,or my car, or this monster in the road, I did not give up and was determined to save his life. I found a huge broken tree branch and shoved it under him and rolled him off the road, yes literally rolled him.I finally got him near the water where there was a hill and he then rolled down the hill. When he got to the bottom and saw the water, he turned and looked up at me and opened his mouth as if he was smiling and thanking me. I watched as he slowly walked into the water and swam away. I felt so good after that. And I’m sure he did too.

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