Daily Drama 13


At some point, I’ll write up my turtle story. For today, I’ll just tell you about my trip to the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS). For reasons I won’t go into right now, I knew my little turtle was lonely. I looked at the SAS website, and they had a turtle available for adoption!

2014-07-27 10.58.47_ws

Lonely Quasimodo

Here is Pepper the Red-Eared Slider on the way home from the shelter.

2014-08-31 14.00.14_w

Pepper checks out the sun

He was pretty excited about the sun, fresh air, and jostling.

2014-08-31 14.01.56_w

If you’re going to transport turtles, best to have a convertible!

Pepper is very lively! Time to come out of the carrier. That’s Dobby’s old carrier, by the way. Hard to believe isn’t it?


Clear eyes, nostrils open and dry

He looks pretty healthy to me, but he comes with a certificate for a free veterinary exam. That’s too good to pass up!


Approved by Dobby

Prince Dobalob had to check him out, of course.


Quasimodo will enjoy having a friend to sun with.

Quasimodo wasn’t sunning, so I set Pepper on his regular haul out spot.



The aviary is totally fenced, with a chickenwire “roof” to keep out raccoons and herons. This grid just keeps the ducks out. NO SWIMMING!


That diagonal branch should still be on a tree about 40′ up. The chickenwire roof should be about level with the top fence stringer.

On my way out of the aviary, I turn back and I notice an odd branch that wasn’t there in the morning. That’s right where I walk in and I would have had to duck under it to get in. Even before my coffee I would have notice this big lulu.

2014-08-31 14.39.00_w

Lulu the Tree Branch

Here’s what it looked like from inside. Probably at least a 6′ diameter. Came down from about 40′ up, fast. It pierced the 2″ chickenwire and ripped a gash in it. Big enough for a flock of herons, a family of raccoons and maybe a bald eagle to saunter through at the same time.

2014-08-31 14.56.11_w

The Intrepid Bartender

My Bartender, Dick, to the rescue! Here he is standing in the gash. That wire should be a couple feet above his head! It was an easy fix. One straight gash, during the day, it wasn’t raining, and we noticed it before a massacre happened. Yay!



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