It’s Official, for Real This Time!

It’s Official, for Real This Time!

Stacy’s Funny Farm is now exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)! The effective date of exemption is way back on May 30, when I incorporated in Washington State. This is important news, but it is kind of boring to read about, so here’s something I’m sure you’ll like!


Dobby the Sun Worshipper

I’ll sneak a bit of Daily Drama in here, too. Three freeloaders visited Dobby’s swimming pool this morning. I end up with all sorts of used pets, but sometimes the local mallard invite themselves in. I’ve had mallards hunker down in the aviary if I leave the gate open, and then I have to shoo them out. I’ve never had more than 42 in the yard, though.


Three freeloading Mallards and one rubber ducky



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