Daily Drama 9


Typical morning greeting at The Funny Farm: Dobby’s cute little face.


Maybe not so little

Dude, what are you sitting on? (Note the untouched watermelon.)


Rabbit head cushion

So, how sharp are those capybara teeth? This is his grain bowl. It usually has oatmeal, which he loves, and equine senior pellets, which he eats reluctantly. I push it into little piles that don’t touch each other, because he is a fussy toddler. Lately I have been adding a tiny pile of guinea pig food and now he won’t eat any of it.


stainless steel bowl

I decided to go back to the 2-pile system and when he starts eating it again, I’ll sneak in just a teeny tiny spoonful of guinea pig food.


Close-up of the tooth scratch marks in the center bottom of the grain bowl

As I entered the aviary this morning, Jello the hen slipped out into the yard. She was disappointed when she later realized that meant foregoing the kitchen scraps everyone else gobbled up in her absence.

2014-08-05 10.36.02_w

Peekaboo Kitty Hawk

I opened this cupboard out there to grab a bungee cord, and Kitty Hawk leaped in. He’s such a big help!


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  1. He’s just not having any part of being related to guinea pigs, is he? Dobbye, the Pigloo City 3 are cool piggies with great imaginations 🙂

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