Daily Drama 6


Here’s little Carl, showing everyone that his eye doesn’t look too bad. He gets eyedrops twice a day, while the Dudes line up at the food bowls waiting for the imminent treats.


Carl Sagan’s left eye is still just a bit cloudy

Dobby, meanwhile, is miffed. We were out late last night and his bedtime milk was not on time. Plus, SOMEONE is at the washer, cleaning his blankets, which always meets with disapproval. And the dreaded Penguin blanket is on his bed. He hated it from the beginning, but I assumed it had picked up some Eau de Goodwill Outlet. It has been marked and then washed and he still hates it.

2014-07-27 09.08.56_ws

“Don’t touch my blankets!”

Outside, Quasimodo, the Red Slider, is enjoying the morning sun. You can clearly see the calcium growth on his right cheek in this photo.

2014-07-27 10.58.47_ws


Elsewhere, Cor-Ten, the new pigeon is getting along just fine with the doves. He’s busy checking out the perches, food, and water, and so far nobody id bothering him or vice-versa. He’s closer in size to the doves than other pigeons I have had, so that helps a lot.

2014-07-27 11.13.41_ws

Kitty Hawk

The cats look pretty useless, but their work is mostly graveyard shift. I initiated the morning nose-bump with Grover this morning, and he didn’t flinch.

2014-07-27 11.14.49_ws


The huge crashing sound this morning was Dobby. This is where we store his soiled blankets until they reach the top of our laundry queue. We have 2-3 loads a day and his bedding isn’t always a top priority. The kitchen rugs and blankets are washed daily, though.

2014-07-27 11.25.21_ws

“Where are my blankets?”

Finally, here is Dobby in bed, sulking. I had just spread out his blankets, but he was in there before I had finished, wadding up the penguin blanket and pushing it aside. You can see it in the back.

2014-07-27 11.27.59_ws

“Take THAT, nasty old penguin blanket!”

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