Daily Drama 5


After two wet days, the rabbits were very willing to be penned up after their usual afternoon Garden Party. Romeo, the big bully who has been sequestered, was allowed to join the party and behaved himself well enough to earn more party privileges. The amazing thing is that when the party ended, I found him hunkered down in the bully pen, ready to be locked up! That’s indicative of how much time he spends in “Time Out.” He thinks of it as his home.

Grover the once-feral cat is still very skittish after 1-1/2 years, but I finally figured out what is happening in the morning when I feed him. His food is stored beneath the feeding area, and as I lean in to scoop out the morning ration, Grover comes very near to my face. This morning he managed a “Nose-Touch” with the bill of my baseball cap! He’s been trying to nose touch like that for weeks! I do think that this summer he will allow me to touch him, though I doubt he will ever be as friendly as Kitty Hawk.

Dobby had pulled one of his blankets off the bed and it made a damp soggy mound on the paved area next to his bed. I removed it and brought out another blanket, and he started to pull that one out, too, before I had even spread it out on the bed. At that moment, I must have put on my thinking cap, because I decided to back out of his bed to look around. That was when I noticed that his step was missing! I use an upside-down rubber tub for a step up into his bed and it had been pushed all the way underneath his bed! I pulled it out, and Dobby stepped right up and into his bed where he resumed his princely position. You’re welcome, Dobby!


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