Daily Drama 1


Not quite the typical morning at the Funny Farm, but nothing out of the ordinary, either.

Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk

The cats managed to bump-close the gate to their area and so complained at having been in lockdown all night. Thrilled to be out, Kitty Hawk quickly went to the temporary cage of the new pigeon, Cor-Ten, and perched on the top. That’s just great. Okay, so I set a funky roll of chicken wire on top, secured it with some nasty sticks and branches and ducked into the dove cage to collect 5 eggs currently being incubated. That’s how we do birth control at the Funny Farm.

2014-07-18 18.08.48


Meanwhile, there is a huge ruckus near the pond: Romeo, my big Muscovy drake, is attacking Norman the African goose. AGAIN. I grab Romeo off Norman and toss him into the currently empty Bully Pen and shut the gate. He’ll be too busy pacing to eat for a while, so I filled a pan of water for him and got ready to leave.

2014-06-27 18.28.25


Then I noticed the roll of chicken wire on the ground, a very innocent Kitty Hawk gazing the opposite direction. This is why I save the baling twine off of the straw bales. I don’t think the cats will knock the chicken wire off again. I think I might have heard a few tentative “coos” from Cor-ten a few minutes ago, so maybe he approves of the new barrier!


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